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Web Design 1011:  Interoperability, Accessibility, Compliance, & Branding.    

Powerful Web Design

RealmEleven utilises an unprecedented combination of SSI, CSS, and HTML to produce document functionality that far surpasses even active web pages. The fact remains that using document features will always be so much faster than attempting to penetrate visitor browser security measures, and access the underlying API to instruct the operating system to do the browser's job.

We combine search-engine friendly frameless fixed panels with dropdown menus, centrally controlled layout, and centrally controlled generic content to ensure that not only is the visitor experience stress free and pleasantly memorable, but inevitable site modifications can be applied with maximum efficiency. An entire RealmEleven web site can be remodelled in the time it takes other web designers to remodel a single web page!

Go ahead. Contact us for a consultation. Letting us help you make your site take full advantage of the range of functionality that modern mark-up and style-sheets can offer with our powerful web design could be the best thing you ever do for your web presence.